Welcome to Our Community

Thank you for your interest in becoming part of the culture of joy and unity by means of the universal language of Music.

Christian Musicians, Composers, and Artists

This is the best platform to share your God’s given talent with the world.  We welcome you with open arms and pray that your music message is heard by many people.

Supporters and Listeners

By becoming a member, you will have the rights and privileges to access the music of Christian artists that would like to share their talent with the world and support them.


What you can do in the Community as an Artist

You are welcome to post, showcase and share your message and testimony of faith through music, compositions, and performance with the rest of the world impacting lives.

At the end, our goal is to bring out the most cherished values of hearts, besides love, which is unity among individuals, and the joy which comes as a result of it. All men and women share the same origin, and we look forward with the same hope, to one only future: the eternal destiny with God our Lord, the Father of all.

And all of this is accomplished by one of the most powerful and universal and bond of unity, which is Music.

What you can do in the Community as Supporter

You can support the artists who are part of the YGM Community by watching their faith testimony and listening to their music.  

You will be able to make comments, and leave testimonies in support of the Christian artists or about your faith. You will be able to invite other friends and acquaintances to be part of this community, share content, and to purchase You God’s Music products.

You God’s Music, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization with the mission to showcase and support upcoming Christian artists, attain new audiences, promote their sponsoring parishes, churches or Christian communities, as well as support the needs of the communities at large.